Friday, January 9, 2015

Introducing the Star Leasing Company Chassis Line

Star Leasing Company is proud to announce that we are now ready to support our customers with a new product line to meet their chassis needs!

Both Domestic and Maritime Chassis 
With the change from maritime chassis ownership in both Maritime and Domestic operations, new challenges and maintenance issues from operating from the general chassis pool suppliers has arisen. The willingness to help our customers has opened the door to source chassis from Star Leasing Company! Star is now able to partner with you to supply the best possible chassis for your operation. No matter if you desire to enter into ownership or lease Star has the equipment and programs to help. 
As the only full service trailer leasing company in the industry with complete maintenance capabilities including our trailer specific breakdown service, it was completely natural to add chassis to our line of available equipment. Everything we do from the specification of a trailer / chassis combined with our stringent maintenance support, our equipment programs are designed to provide the lowest operating cost possible for our customers. Leaning on our experience of 40 years of trailer leasing and maintenance makes us the best choice as your rolling stock partner. 
We understand the drayage business and the operational efficiency that can be gained by having the most versatile model of chassis. Your Star Account Manager is ready to learn about your operation and has the ability and support to help you gain the maximum benefits from sourcing your own wheels. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Star Leasing Company Cares!

During the week of Independence day our nations highways are busier than ever, families traveling together and sharing the road with trucks. Star joined the Tennessee Trucking Association and their Road Team to work at rest areas providing travelers refreshments, conversation, and encouraging safety as they travel over the holiday weekend. We asked where travelers where headed, and when they panned to arrive. We did this to make them realize how ling this would take and ask them to please take a break when they felt tired or sleepy. How just stopping, walking around, and stretching your legs can save a life, even their own.

The road team had the No Zone truck and trailer there. Kids were allowed to climb in the cab and of course blow the air horn, (ok I did it too). The trailer is marked with the four large blind spots around large commercial vehicles and where crashes are more likely to occur. Travelers were given literature and we discussed the importance of buckling up, slowing down, following distances, and of course not drinking and driving or using the cell phone while driving.

Information is powerful, over 70% of all truck related auto fatalities are caused by the driver of the car, and according to the DOT 35% of those occur in a trucks blind spot.

We had a blast, got to met some really neat people, and hopefully made a difference is how someone approaches driving with our industries best, the professional truck driver.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Supporting Technician Education in Indiana

Star Leasing Company is proud to have chaired this years brakes station for the Indiana Motor Truck association technician championship.  The event this year was held at Lincoln Tech in Indianapolis June 21st and had a record number of competitors at 50. The technicians were challenged in 8 areas of maintenance, which of course included the brakes section. Some of the other areas we PMI, (preventative maintenance inspection), Tire and wheel inspections and diagnoses, HVAC, fasteners, and electrical.

Chris Cotton our Director of Maintenance prepared a test that challenged the technicians in their knowledge of repair as well as their perception and observation skills. The technicians were told to perform an under carriage inspection, talk their judge through their steps and report their findings. The trucks were prepared with some defects by Pat Reed our Indianapolis shop foreman ahead of time, and it was very interesting to see which technicians found them.

The scores were across the board, with the highest being 91 out of 100 possible points.

Star is committed to the constant improvement of the maintenance services we provide as well as the advancement opportunities for our team of quality mechanics. With that approach, supporting the IMTA challenge was very natural.

We are proud to a member of the IMTA and glad to have been a part of this great event. We look forward to continuing our support of this event and others like it.

by: Ed Gill

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DOT Road Inspection Push

Next Monday-Wednesday the DOT will have its annual push for road inspections. The number of trucks and trailers called into the scales (by-passing the Pre-Pass), as well as the number that are actually inspected will triple at minimum.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Trucking Facts: To The Moon and Beyond

 If you connected all of the loads trucks delivered in 2013, the chain would stretch from the Earth to the Moon…more than 11 times.

This, and many other facts, are in the just released new edition of the American Trucking Association’s American Trucking Trends, the annual almanac of trucking and freight transportation, confirming the industry’s role as the primary mover of freight in the United States, according to the group.continue reading...

Trucking Holds as Dominant Freight Mode, ATA Trends Report Says

Trucking remains the dominant U.S. mode of freight transportation, hauling 69.1% of freight last year totaling 9.7 billion tons, with both figures up from a year earlier, American Trucking Associations reported May 12.

Trucking’s percentage was up from 2012’s total of 68.7%, and tonnage rose from 9.4 billion tons a year earlier, according to ATA’s latest “American Trucking Trends.” continue reading...

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ounces of Prevention Means Miles of Cure For Your Tires

Unlike their human counterparts, dead tires do tell tales. And aside from underinflation and road strikes, the tales most commonly told of tires robbing their owners of full value revolve around alignment. Scrubbing and scuffing and driving tires off in different directions, poor alignment kills tires faster than almost any other mechanical malady.

The sad part is the problem is almost entirely preventable. continue reading...